About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Nola Bombshells is to provide our dancers with a successful and meaningful experience in a positive and healthy environment. Team members will work towards improving our community and helping others. NOLA Bombshells also offer individuals a way to increasing dance abilities while forming strong bonds.

Nola Bombshells dance team promotes physical fitness, offers the latest choreography, & works actively with local charities.

Nola Bombshells was designed to develop confidence, self-expression, creativity, discipline, motivation, and teamwork in a fun, healthy, nurturing environment. Nola Bombshells is dedicated to providing each member with opportunities to accomplish personal growth and individual goals. Nola Bombshell’s coaches and ownership group strive to share their passion, education, and expertise in the Performing Arts.

Nola Bombshells emphasizes the development of well-rounded dancers as well as an individual character. Nola Bombshells provide dancers with a unique opportunity to perform in a professional manner. Nola Bombshells was developed to give an alternative to a traditional dance team. Nola Bombshells is strictly for ladies 21 & up.

About Our Symbol

Bright red lips act as our symbol! “Why?”, you ask? Because we want to draw attention to our bright smiles! After all, smiles are said to be infectious! Nola Bombshell’s goal is that our red lips will act as a sign of hope and as a “pass it on” statement. Sometimes a smile can make someone’s day. Through our charity and volunteer work being executed as a team, we hope to inspire others to join us in our main goal, helping our community.
Be the miracle in someone else’s life. Our message to others: SMILE!

Logo Updated

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